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My Tonello

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The unmistakable Tonello style.
The exclusivity of a garment made just for you.

For those who love Tonello style and wearability – and its iconic design – but want to satisfy their tailoring needs, we created MyTonello, an exclusive project that allows you to customize and make Tonello garments and suits even more unique.

In a process that combines sartorial know-how and craftsmanship, the MyTonello customer will be followed by the Tonello Style Manager to give life to his own personal stylistic project, determined by the search for the perfect balance between physicality, character, needs and desires.

Hence the choice of the occasions of use and therefore of the models, of the fabrics and of the cuts, up to the most identifying details such as the type of lapel and pockets, the buttons and the lining. Each garment will then be produced in the Tonello internal manufacturing, hand finished and delivered according to the customer needs.

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