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The revival of the Suit and the constructed shoulder. The shoulder has been developed by the wisdom of our technicians according to the canons of contemporary design and it is the focal point of this season collection, especially in dinner and tuxedo shapes.
Tonello’s Human+ technology support business, active and leisure time.
Tonello garments are not conceived to be simply admired: they have to be worn, experienced, and embodied. A suit made for living. A suit suitable to habits, needs and aesthetic wishes of the wearer, flexible and eclectic, perfect for both public occasions and private ones. A suit made to emphasize individual identity, therefore called Human+, and to provide the comfort and pleasure of a tailor made garment. High-performance fabrics make it suitable from day to night, in a wide freedom of expression.
Discover more about HU+ on our official Vimeo channel! > (link

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